UFC Cuts Babalu

August 31, 2007 by

UFC cut Renato “Babalu” Sobral today stemming from his match with David Heath last Saturday in which he didn’t let go of a choke that Heath had already tapped to.


Hitman Trailer B

August 27, 2007 by

I’m a huge Hitman fan so I’ll be seeing this opening day. I just don’t think the baby face dude from scream can pull off Agent 47…Or is that the guy from powder?

BioShock Demo

August 15, 2007 by

For those of you who don’t know, the BioShock demo hit Xbox Live a few days ago. You might want to check it out…And by “might” I mean stop what you’re doing right now and download this demo.

My review of the demo? Greatest demo ever made.

Fake Mario FTL

August 6, 2007 by

Theres nothing more in this world that I hate more then a hacked Mario game. I mean, if your going to go through all the trouble to make “Super Mushroom Crazy Bros”…Why don’t you just make a real game?

Also, after watching this video, I’m never going to stomp on a goomba again. Ever.

Mario The Dealer

August 6, 2007 by

This shirt confirms what I have known all along: Mario is a pusher.

Mushroom Dealer

Giant Gundam Video

August 1, 2007 by

Remember the giant Gundam story from a few weeks ago? Here’s a video tour of the monstrosity.

Ninja Cake

July 30, 2007 by

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are finding our site by searching for “Ninja Cake” in Google. Funny thing, we have never mentioned ninja cake on the site…That all changes now. I present you the Ninja Cake.

Oh yeah, how about a cake ninja?

Bill Walsh Dies At 75

July 30, 2007 by

ESPN reports former 49ers head coach, Bill Walsh, has died of leukemia at the age 75.

Very sad news. One of the best coaches of all time. Even though I used to hate the 49ers when they would destroy my Cowboys, I still respected Walsh. Great man.

WCW SuperBrawl – SNES

July 30, 2007 by

Just figured out how to use the movie feature in Zsnes and made this little video.

Why did I pick WCW SuperBrawl? I have no idea.

Doom 3 Case Mod

July 29, 2007 by

Wow, that is one great PC case mod. Too bad Doom 3 wasn’t that good of a game.

This guy needs to make me a Bioshock case.